• guitarplayingLearn to Play Guitar!

    Whether your child loves the idea of learning a world-renowned instrument like a guitar, or if you’re keen to allow them a creative outlet to pursue their creativity – you’ll be getting both when booking our guitar lessons. Although many professional guitarists claim to have been self-taught, the truth is that learning to harness and expand upon your child’s talents via coaching will be far more beneficial to them, in more ways than simply knowing how to play an instrument.

    Why choose guitar coaching?

    Unlike any other instrument on the planet, guitars offer a level of instant satisfaction that simply can’t be achieved anywhere else. When learning how to play the guitar, the first thing that your child will do is to learn the varying chords and strings available to players. This process can be quite daunting if not properly addressed – and that’s where our extensively experienced coaches come into the fray.

    Mastering the guitar takes years – and it is this knowledge and expertise that we are happy to extend to our students. Not only will your child learn the strings and how they should be strummed; they’ll also learn how to develop their own unique take on the instrument – and this is what makes guitars such an appealing activity for the creatively-inclined.

    There’s nothing quite like being able to replicate the exact chords from a favourite song or guitarist. Where other instruments take weeks or months to perfect the chords, guitar strings simply rely on hand positions; all of which are easy to pick up and master.

    Before long, your child will be able to play like their favourite musicians – and this in itself is often enough to keep their inspiration and enthusiasm high!

    Can anyone learn to play the guitar?

    As advanced as guitars are (considering the hammer bar, tuning dials and string thicknesses), they are also a fantastic entry-level instrument for beginners. That’s what makes them such a viable instrument for children and young adults – after all there’s no greater way to learn how to play an instrument than with one that opens its potential as you grow.

    That’s exactly what a guitar does. Your child will be able to learn at their own pace – and with each session they’ll walk away with more knowledge than the one before. After a few months, they will soon be confident and enthusiastic enough to perform in front of friends and family; or even on stage at school as their fellow students look on in awe and appreciation.

    Once the strings and hand positions have been learnt, an entire world of songs and tracks will become a possibility. Your child will enjoy being able to play their favourite tunes, or they could even spend a few hours putting together their own guitar solo!

    The great thing about learning how to play the guitar, is that the knowledge will stay with your child forever. Once they pick up the chords and notes, they’ll be able to turn their hand to any instrument – or simply continue mastering all that their guitar has to offer!

    Before long, they’ll be performing pull-offs, bends and the occasional hammer on without difficulty – and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that you’ve not only promoted their confidence; you will have also encouraged their creativity, too.