Top Reasons To Learn An Instrument

The decision to learn an instrument can change your life in many subtle and dramatic ways. Music has a timeless appeal and transcends all boundaries and differences. It can be enjoyed by one and all, even if you do not understand the words that may go with the music. Here are some of the top reasons why you should learn an instrument.

It Makes You Smarter
Learning a musical instrument improves cognitive abilities. Research shows that musicians have better verbal recall and cognitive flexibility. It is also correlated with an increase in IQ scores. Scientists find that music training keeps people, alert and responsive. It also improves nonverbal memory. There is no age limit for learning a new skill. However, it is true the longer you have been playing an instrument, the more long lasting the benefits are.

A Better Memory
Music lessons require concentration, and repeated effort. You will realize the truth in the old adage, practice makes perfect. Your mind is active and learns to focus on the task at hand. Learning a new skill makes you attentive and perceptive too. In your lessons you will learn about tones and scores. This greatly enhances the manner in which you store auditory information in your memory bank, and retrieve it.

Active Listening
This is an era that focuses on personal expression. People want to talk and express themselves on any platform that they can find. Music promotes active listening. There are many categories of musical instruments for you to choose from including keyboard instruments, bowed strings and woodwind. Whether you choose the guitar or prefer the piano, you will learn to train your mind to listen to the nuances that make music so delightful.

Better Coordination
When you pick up an instrument and hope to make beautiful music, hand eye coordination is crucial. And it is all about practice. You will read the musical notes, comprehend them and then refine your motor skills so that you can play them. Regular practice makes you better, and in the long run it greatly increases coordination.

Discipline in Music, and in Life
The arts are all about creativity. They are also about discipline and perseverance. You cannot expect to learn an instrument in a matter of days. It requires discipline and the ability to keep at it with determination and patience. Your practice schedule will help you learn that if you want to do something well, you have to keep at it. Learning to play an instrument will also teach you to deal with frustration, and get past it, in order to get better.

It’s Good for the Health and Soul
Playing music greatly calms the mind and body. It helps you forget your worries, at least for a while, and offers a more positive outlook. Music therapy is known to help children and teenagers deal with depression and attention deficit disorder. Some studies also report that playing an instrument can lower high blood pressure.

It Makes You Feel Good
Learning a new skill is an adventure all by itself. Playing an instrument makes you feel good, and opens you to experiences that you may not have considered before. You are likely to have more to talk about. You will also increase your friend circle to include like minded individuals. And finally, at the end of the day, it is really cool to be able to pick an instrument and play a melodious tune.

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