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    When parents are looking for activities for their children, singing is often scorned. Parents would rather their kids learned how to play a ‘proper’ instrument, like the violin or piano. Or, even worse, they would rather they not become involved in music at all.

    But there are many reasons why singing can improve the life of your child. Here are just five of the top ones:

    1. Learning to sing will build self-esteem. Acquiring skills is something which will help your child feel better about themselves, and to be more confident. The attention that a child receives in small group classess, or during practice with a parent, also helps to convince a child that they are worth something and their skills are of value. This becomes especially important to teenagers.

    2. Taking vocal classes also helps your child develop study skills which can be transferred into other areas of their lives. Learning to concentrate, and having the discipline to practice, are attributes which will serve them well later in life, and can also have a positive impact on their school work right now.

    3. Learning to sing also requires listening skills. Learning to listen is vital for a child’s social development, and can help them concentrate, as well as respond more positively to social situations. Many children, especially teenagers, can struggle or be awkward when it comes to spending time with others. Singing is a great way of helping them to be more confident.

    4. Improving listening skills can also lead to a commensurate improvement in speaking and conversation in your child. Singing will make them better able to express their feelings verbally, and improve their body language when they are communicating. This can have a significant impact on their progress in life, and help with future situation such as job or college interviews.

    5. Finally, children who learn to sing will also have the opportunity to perform in public in front of an audience. This can create some of the most beautiful family memories, as well as give them a taste of what a career on the stage could be like. Performing successfully in public can be a real rite of passage for children, and is something which they will look back on with great pride.
    Taking singing lessons could lead to many different opportunities for your child later in life, as well as opening up new vistas for them while they are young. If your child has the chance to take singing lessons, they should do it.